Thinking of hosting a party? Have one booked?

Here are some helpful FAQs

How much per person?
For canvas painting parties: It's $30pp and includes everything you need to make a beautiful painting! Paint, canvas, easels, brushes, instruction and disposable aprons. We bring everything to you and there are no travel fees!
Other art parties, kids classes, kids/teens parties are priced differently. Please contact us for pricing inquires and questions.

How many people do I have to have?
We ask that you have at least 6 in attendance. If you can't get 6, we can take the $180 and split it between however many people you have. 
Our maximum is 40.

How do I choose a painting?
Just send us a message/email or give us a call! Let us know what 'theme' you are thinking and we will send you some ideas. You can also check out our Facebook page to see images from past parties.
Here are some others that we like:
NOTE: Pinterest serves as *examples*, we cannot make exact copies of these due to copyright laws. We can do our best to come up with something close to what you like though! Thanks for understanding! 

When do I need to decide on a painting?
You'll need to choose your painting at least a week in advance.

What other type of party or class can I have?
Have you ever been on Pinterest? If not, go there! It's amazing! 
Have you ever been on Pinterest and thought, "That is SO cute... but I have no idea how I'd make that, never mind what to buy at the craft store!
PROBLEM solved! Pick a craft or message us for ideas! Wine bottles, wine glasses, tote bags, coasters, custom wall art.... you name it, we can bring it to life by bringing ALL the supplies to YOU! Contact us today!

Do you need a headcount?
Yes, at least two days before your event by email, text, phone or Facebook message.

What do I need to have on the day of the party?
Each person needs table space and a chair. Normally, people use a kitchen or dining room table. It is ok to be spread out between tables, but usually not between rooms. If you aren't sure about your space, send us a picture of the space in question!
Tablecloths are not provided but can be for $2 each.
Chairs can be rented for $1 each and a 6 foot table is available for $5 rental fee. Please reserve at least 48 hours in advance.

Will my tables/chairs be ruined? What about clothing?
Over the past couple years in business we have had very few accidents (thankfully!). We do suggest tablecloths if we are working on a nicer table. We use acrylic paint, which is water-based so it will wipe off hard surfaces but if it gets on clothing or other fabric will need to be taken care of right away. We wouldn't suggest doing this on white furniture or wearing your favorite white top. We do provide disposable table cloths but better safe than sorry!

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